About ZigZagLife

My name is  Mimi Chapman. I’m a  Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’m a mom, a daughter, a spouse, a friend, a traveler, a reader, and a writer. I started this blog on a whim while traveling to China for work.  Now it has become a place for me to process my thinking on current affairs, academic life, family relationships, and everything in between.  As someone who, like the writer Parker Palmer, strives to avoid a divided life,  I look for places where the personal and professional intersect and influence each other. I zig and zag through busy days and, as such, I write about anything and everything. I might zig from current family challenges to current events; from a great book, to a great teaching experience.  I invite you to join me on this zigzag journey. I welcome your thoughts.  All views are my own.

Follow me on twitter at @MimiVChapman and you can follow my dog at @GoodDogBear. (He is always up to something fun.)

Find out more about my research here.


Faculty bio page

P.S. The previous iteration of the blog, entitled Intersections, is I’on a list of top 50 social work blogs!



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